proxy_set_header inheritance not working?

Ed W lists at
Thu Apr 10 20:25:00 MSD 2008

> Thanks Maxim. Sorry I missed the earlier post.
> I've edited the English proxy_set_header docs, though there's still
> some ambiguity because I don't know whether the inheritance is from
> every higher level or just from the next highest one that has a
> proxy_set_header directive.
> One other thing: I couldn't find any English docs about quoting of
> directive parameters, Looking at the source, it appears that all
> parameters can be wrapped with both single and double-quotes,
> though I'm not sure how this interacts with variable expansion.
> If you can give me an answer, I'll write it up on the Wiki, probably
> on


I have just posted some questions about where variable expansion is 
valid (seems off and on really?).  Very interested to read any new docs 
on this?

Ed W

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