Firewall really necessary?

Amer Shah amerrahman at
Sun Apr 13 06:29:37 MSD 2008

Hello friends.

This isn't strictly an nginx question but I thought it might be useful to
others on this list as well so I'll ask.

So I have a freebsd 7.0 server running. Inetd is disabled and I'm only
running 2 services. Nginx listening on port 80
and sshd listening on some random hight port. Ftp is enabled but that's
listening for connections on the Local Network only.
A sockstat -4 confirms these are the only 3 services listening on any ports
and a server reboot confirms that rc.d has been
set up correctly to only listen for these 3 services on a reboot.

My question is, for such a setup is a firewall really necessary? I don't
think it is since this is such a simple server with only
these 2 services running. I don't expect any complicated DDOS attacks that
an intricate firewall would be able to thwart.

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