OT: 'best' dynamic language

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Mon Apr 21 12:27:42 MSD 2008

On Mon 21.04.2008 00:26, Manlio Perillo wrote:
> Aleksandar Lazic ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> due the fact that here are a lot of peoples who care about fast and
>> light environments so I just ask ;-)
>> What do YOU think is the 'best (smallest/fastest/easiest)' language to
>> develop a dynamic website?
>> The requirements are:
>> MySQL requests (insert/update/delete)
>> Generate HTML-Files with templates => static files
>> Work with nginx ;-)
> Well, *any* language will work with Nginx, as long as it has an
> HTTP/FastCGI/SCGI server implementation.

Jep ;-)

> As for languages embedded inside Nginx, the only choices at the moment
> are Python and Perl.
>> As small as possible mem and cpu usage => efficient interpreter
> The memory usage usually depends on the package you use.
> The python interpreter in mod_wsgi takes about 3616 KB in the master
> process and 1908 KB for each worker.

Thanks for this info ;-)

>> I have thought about the followings (no order):
>> perl
>> python
>> ruby
>> php
>> java
>> haxe (http://haxe.org/)
>> lua (http://www.lua.org/)
>> io (http://www.iolanguage.com/)
>> .
> io seems interesting, I did not knew it.


> I'm very interested in developing a module for lua (or io), mostly for
> testing the best possible integration with the Nginx event module.

Cool, sounds very interesting ;-)

> You can test it with Nginx mod_perl and mod_wsgi.
> However if the application is IO bound, then the performance are not
> the best.

Thanks ;-)



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