OT: 'best' dynamic language

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Tue Apr 22 15:07:29 MSD 2008

Marcin Kasperski ha scritto:
>> What do YOU think is the 'best (smallest/fastest/easiest)' language to
>> develop a dynamic website?
> Well, smallest =/= fastest =/= easiest.
> And ... picking correct framework or appserver may have greater impact
> here than picking the languaga as such.
> My current preference for such a tasks is Python, Mako and ... any
> framework which allows SQLAlchemy ;-)

The same for me ;-)
But lately I'm trying to avoid to use the SQLAlchemy ORM.

> Regarding nginx support: currently I tend to believe that using
> nginx as reverse proxy (and static file server) may be the best
> runtime configuration....

The problem with reverse proxy is that you need another server, and this 
server is usually written in Python, and most of the time it uses 
threads for concurrency, so it's not the best solution (unless, of 
course, you don't run a whole "cluster" of servers, like Ruby 
programmers like to do)

IMHO, a better solution is:
1) Use Nginx as main server + reverse proxy
2) Run your application embedded in Apache or
    Nginx (but the application should be written with care)

Manlio Perillo

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