Thread support?

François Battail fb at
Thu Apr 24 21:41:25 MSD 2008

Rt Ibmer <rtibmx at ...> writes:

> When I used ./configure in making nginx it said in the summary that thread   
 support was not enabled. Is this normal? 

Yes, thread support is broken for the moment.

> Would I get better performance by enabling it? If so, how do I tell it to use
threads?  Thanks!

You can play with the worker_processes directive to create additional
*processes*, I believe a good setting value could be the number of
cores/processors to exploit I/O wait without increasing too much the number of
context switches or processor cache misses.
It's a very contextual tuning (depending on hardware, web applications,
traffic...), but don't expect a 100 % increase in performance; with only one
process Nginx is already very fast!

Best regards

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