Need Help Configuring Nginx to run Wordpress

mike mike503 at
Fri Apr 25 11:09:22 MSD 2008

On 4/24/08, Rob Schultz <lists at> wrote:

> Never mind what i just said. ALLOWED_ENV is what is used on Gentoo how
> they do there init scripts. Sorry for wrong information.

Trust me I fed different environment variables and then dumped the
information the processes were receiving, and spawn-fcgi'ed php
processes didn't seem to have them.

To do PHP under FastCGI the best way, use PHP-FPM.

a) it improves some FastCGI shortcomings and improves performance in
certain situations
b) it allows for graceful process reloading
c) [soon] will fulfill the need for Suexec-capable adaptive process
spawning capabilities. It does the "suexec"-ish already. Soon it will
support Apache style process management.

It is everything one could hope for re: FastCGI process management
(PHP specific)

It helps mature PHP's FastCGI implementation.

Andrei (the author) actually is the one who finally got me to think
about trying nginx too - because I thought "if this guy can get PHP
management right, he must know how to get the web right too" :)

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