fastcgi, simply wrong

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Fri Apr 25 13:59:17 MSD 2008

Alexandre Girao ha scritto:
> Hi folks,
>   i've just dedicated some hours upon the nginx behavior/source code
> (version 0.6.29, but also happens to 0.5.35)
>   towards fastcgi protocol and discovered that the requestId is fixed,
> it's simple always equal do 1, this break the
>   the concurrency completely (as i've proved easily) and it also
> causes early closed connections from the web
>   server/client became out-of-sync with the request state in correctly
> implemented fastcgi applications, not
>   trying to be unpleasant, but i think that saying that nginx supports
> fastcgi can do more harm than good to
>   the project..  passing by just to say this, hope you guys find a
> good solution, im out.

Note that, as far as I know, Apache and Lighttpd *does* not supports 

This is not only hard to implement, but it is also not well designed in 

There are some comments here:

> fastcgi is a good thing, see (and think) for yourself

Well, not all people think that FastCGI is a good thing.

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Manlio Perillo

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