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Fri Apr 25 14:47:40 MSD 2008

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 01:11:26AM -0300, Alexandre Girao wrote:

>   i've just dedicated some hours upon the nginx behavior/source code
> (version 0.6.29, but also happens to 0.5.35)
>   towards fastcgi protocol and discovered that the requestId is fixed,
> it's simple always equal do 1, this break the
>   the concurrency completely (as i've proved easily) and it also
> causes early closed connections from the web
>   server/client became out-of-sync with the request state in correctly
> implemented fastcgi applications, not
>   trying to be unpleasant, but i think that saying that nginx supports
> fastcgi can do more harm than good to
>   the project..  passing by just to say this, hope you guys find a
> good solution, im out.
> fastcgi is a good thing, see (and think) for yourself
> -
> -
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Although FastCGI was designed 12 years ago, it was not widespread until
several years ago, when lighttpd had appeared. So many FastCGI servers
has no full protocol support and I'm no sure that now there are widespread
FastCGI servers, those support multiplexed connections. Some of them,
such as Mongrel, can not handle two simlutaneous requests even over
different connections.

So nginx has no full FastCGI support that reflects the current FastCGI
servers support.

Igor Sysoev

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