Need Help Configuring Nginx to run Wordpress

Kiril Angov kupokomapa at
Fri Apr 25 20:38:07 MSD 2008

The webserver never just shows a blank page and if you have run web
application for years as you say you should know that PHP is the
problem here. If you get the admin panel to work and then you get
blank pages on the rest then of course it is PHP the problem. And
first you were asking for rewrite rules and people gave you the exact
rules  and I am sure they work because I have the same in my config
and it took me less than 5 minutes to get my blog to run under Nginx,
why, because I was not bothering this list with problems related to my
PHP configuration. Please, hire a PHP developer or admin to fix your
problem because it is something specific to your PHP setup and just
stop posting. As Igor said it comes to my mailbox and I am tired of
deleting your emails...

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:26 AM, Todd HG <lists at> wrote:
> Igor Clark wrote:
>  > Hi Todd,
>  >
>  > I simply pointed out that nginx clearly does work with Wordpress. If
>  > you're trying to get it to do so, you might take the knowledge that it
>  > can be done as an indication that you don't need to give up yet, or
>  > indeed to start declaring quite so soon that "nginx isn't ready for
>  > prime time" because you can't get one particular application to work
>  > with it.
>  >
>  > Regarding your particular problem, from my personal experience with
>  > PHP and nginx, it doesn't sound like a problem with nginx and
>  > Wordpress per se, but rather a PHP/FCGI/nginx logging issue. I've had
>  > the "blank page" error with PHP and nginx on a number of occasions,
>  > and having spent a while tracking down the error, I've usually found
>  > that it's some PHP error which is being hidden for some reason, I
>  > suspect related to fastcgi_intercept_errors or similar. PHP's error
>  > logging seems strangely unpredictable to me sometimes; first step is
>  > obviously to make sure that log_errors is on, the error_reporting
>  > setting is correct, and you set error_log to somewhere specific.
>  >
>  > Incidentally, this isn't a forum, it's a mailing list which is
>  > delivered to people's personal inboxes, and you're reading it through
>  > a web-forum interface. That might be why you find you sometimes get
>  > strong reactions when you make strong statements of opinion.
>  >
>  > Good luck getting it working.
>  > Igor
>  Thank you Igor for making some good points. I won't give up on Nginx,
>  which is why I'm still here. I will eventually solve this issue. I will
>  look into PHP further to see if I can get it to output an error that
>  will help resolve the blank page. You could very well be correct that
>  PHP could have been the culprit all along, and not my Nginx
>  configuration.
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