Question on Empty GIF module

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Fri Apr 25 23:02:44 MSD 2008

>>Is it possible to have the post_action be load balanced across a 
>>set of backend servers (like the way proxy_pass works) or will it 
>>only work with one specific server?  If that later is the case, 

>You may specify any uri for proxy_pass, and it will be served almost 
>as regular request (with the exception that results won't be 
>served to client).  So you may do everything you want with it - 
>including proxy_pass'ing to load-balanced cluster of backends.

OK, I think I understand. Looking back at what you posted originally...

location / {
     post_action /post;

location = /post {
     proxy_pass http://my_upstream_servers;

That would in fact do what I wanted, correct?

Also there was little information on what the keyword internal does if you happened to have any info that would be helpful.  Thanks again!

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