How to get nginx to see higher limit for file descriptors?

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Sat Apr 26 01:01:46 MSD 2008

>No, it's the number of file descriptors allowed for a process; I cannot imagine
>4096 workers (and the swap size!) ;-)

Correct. That is what I meant. I am trying to set the environment so that there are plenty of file descriptors available for nginx's use. 1024 seems rather low for the heavy traffic we will be handling.

I can successfully use unlimit -n 65536 to set the limit higher, and then launch nginx manually from the shell and nginx is happy and doesn't complain about the 1024 limit.  However when my init.d script launches nginx it still gives that warning about the limit of 1024.


Thanks. I saw that but it does not solve the problem.  I tried setting it to like 35000 but it still gives that same warning.

Just to be clear, I am not trying to get rid of the warning by LOWERING what nginx tries to use.  Rather, I am trying to get rid of the warning by RAISING the available file descriptors nginx can use from the environment.

As I mentioned, it works just fine if I do the ulimit -n 65536 and manually launch it.  In that case it says:
   [notice] 1984#0: getrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE): 65536:65536

which tells me it is working like I want.

However when this gets launched from my init.d script it gives the 1024 warning, despite me seemingly taking all the correct steps to set the hard and soft file descriptor limits system wide to 65536.  I would be very grateful is someone can please shed light on what I need to change to make sure nginx can have access to all 65536 file descriptors or at least a LOT more than 1024.  Thank you!

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