Need Help Configuring Nginx to run Wordpress

mike mike503 at
Sun Apr 27 11:26:22 MSD 2008

On 4/26/08, HonDev Developer <developerhondev at> wrote:

> Well it seems to work for which gets 150 million page
> views per month.
> Mu Wordpress runs some pretty massive multi user dynamic sites.  I
> don't know how you could justify calling it a hack unless you want to
> call any piece of open source software a hack.
> I've met a guy who runs a site off Mu Wordpress who hosts a hundred
> thousand blogs and gets 600,000 page views per day.

I'm not saying it doesn't perform.

At the point I evaluated it, it was patchwork on top of the normal
wordpress install, had plugin incompatibilities, and seemed overly
complex and weird for how simple it could really be.

I'm sure it's better now though. However, simple wp-config logic fits
our setup perfectly.

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