Feature request: Run a script when upstream detected down/up

mike mike503 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 22:54:21 MSD 2008

On 4/28/08, Cliff Wells <cliff at develix.com> wrote:

> This sounds like a job for a heartbeat monitor, not a web server.

Yup. People (such as myself) are using nginx for reverse proxy + load
balancing. It works great except for when upstreams go up and down, or
are up but should fail healthcheck (perhaps the filesystem is stale,
or corrupt, or something else - some sort of simple challenge response
type thing would be able to validate that)

It doesn't do "smart enough" load balancing, but it wasn't designed
for that. Although, if someone wanted to add a couple patches to make
nginx work like that, I would not be upset :)

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