client_max_body_size bug or documentation issue again?

Rob Schultz rschultz7 at
Wed Apr 30 05:48:15 MSD 2008

	When testing out the client_max_body_size directive on the wiki and  
in the original russian docs it says it can be used in http, server,  
or location. But in testing it seems that it only works in http or  
server and location is ignored. I did some basic tests with config  
file moving the directive around and never got it to work inside a  
location block. this was original noticed at 
DiscussionID=1714&page=1#Item_13 the person there was using nginx  
0.5.x while i tested it on 0.6.29 (not 30 as it was just released) and  
still had this issue.

Rob Schultz

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