allow/deny for a single location, with other location handler

Robert Bunting robert at
Sat Feb 2 06:04:19 MSK 2008


I'm using nginx to proxy through to apache, with a simple

     location / {
         proxy_pass ...

However, there is one location ( /account/sync_profile/) which I'd like 
to restrict to just one IP address.

If I add a location for that address,
location /account/sync_profile/ {
     deny all;

then of course it doesn't get handled by the proxy.

I can't put an
if ($uri = /account/sync_profile) { allow; deny all; }
inside my main location, since allow, deny won't work there.

I can't use a multi-level if;

I suppose one solution would be to include the proxy config into the 
restricted location as well, but this seems like unnecessarily verbose..

Any ideas?


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