Fair Proxy Balancer

Rob Mitzel rob at rascal.ca
Wed Feb 6 03:53:31 MSK 2008

Hey Grzegorz,

First, actually thank YOU for coming up with the balancer.  It's made my
life much easier.  And please, keep the round-robin behaviour as-is!  I
mean, it's a great way to tell if you're running too many mongrels and/or
too many nginx connections.


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One known issue (again, waiting for the One Day) is that the round-robin
part doesn't work too well. E.g. if your load is very low, all requests
will go to the first backend. Anyway, I'll keep the current behaviour as
an option as it may be useful in dimensioning your backend cluster (i.e.
if the Nth backend has serviced no requests, N-1 should be enough).

Best regards,
 Grzegorz Nosek

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