weird redirect

Almir Karic redduck666 at
Thu Feb 21 21:19:31 MSK 2008

location /~redduck666 {
        alias /home/redduck666/static_html;

this is what i have, and it works as expected.

than i add:

            location ~ .ogg$ {
                access_log /var/log/nginx/ogg.log;

now, when i try to access /~redduck666/<anything>.ogg nginx behaves weirdly:

2008/02/21 19:14:49 [error] 10444#0: *1985762 open()
"/usr/html/~redduck666/file.ogg" failed (2: No such file or
directory), client:, server:,
request: "GET /~redduck666/file.ogg HTTP/1.1", host:
"", referrer:

i have NO idea where it got the /usr/html part, it is not mentioned
anywhere in my config.

any pointers on what i am doing wrong?

error: one bad user found in front of screen

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