excessive RAM consumption - memory leak

Todd HG lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Feb 22 06:02:43 MSK 2008

Dave Cheney wrote:
> Errr ... you _WANT_ the OS to cache stuff in ram otherwise you server
> will slow to a crawl as every disk access is uncached.

Yes, you are correct Dave. I thought perhaps Elliot knew something about 
Redhat 4 that I wasn't aware of. All my packages are up to date, and I 
haven't seen any existing bugs that might cause a memory leak. I've 
recorded the RAM usage of all running processes after the machine was 
rebooted, and I'll record the RAM usage again after the RAM fills up to 
see which process is in fact the culprit. I'll post the results in a day 
or so, or as soon as the RAM is full.
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