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Tue Feb 26 01:42:58 MSK 2008

Ok i got it stabilized at about 75mbit and loads of 2-6

im gonna have got to plan B get several more servers and put them on
internal lan run the php-cgi on them and connect to them using nginx since
it connects over a socket (this should work easily right? im gonna setup a
test setup and test this feature properly)

this way i be able to make most of the available and paid for bandwdith

the extra checks added by the php layer are creating more load im not
blaming nginx here, it is perfroming exceptionally, maybe my expectations
were too high, the old lighttpd setup didnt touch php at all, but it didnt
have much in way of functionality such as custom logging, download speed
control, authentication etc that are now possible thanks to nginx's
resumable X-Accel-redirect feature

thanks everyone for the help
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