nginx front-end to sharepoint

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Thu Feb 28 23:17:07 MSK 2008


I am attempting to replace squid 3.0 with nginx as a reverse proxy to a 
sharepoint server with SSL and user-authentication.  The problem I am 
having is nginx does not appear to pass the credentials to the real 
server w/o modifying them (after several failed attempts, once simply 
gets access denied).  I am able to accomplish this in squid with this 
option: login=PASS

I'm wondering if anybody has any insight/experience into this issue.  I 
have included the relevant portions of my nginx.conf and my old 
squid.conf.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


http {
     server {
         listen       443;

         ssl                  on;
         ssl_certificate      /conf/nginx/cert.pem;
         ssl_certificate_key  /conf/nginx/key.pem;

         location / {


https_port 443 cert=/conf/squid/cert.pem key=/conf/squid/key.pem \
            cafile=/conf/squid/ca.pem vhost
cache_peer parent 443 0 login=PASS no-query ssl proxy-only \
            originserver sslflags=DONT_VERIFY_PEER,DONT_VERIFY_DOMAIN

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