having problem with ./configure

杨廷勇 scyz2 at 163.com
Fri Feb 29 11:47:15 MSK 2008

hi sir!
You are try command:

yum groupinstall "Development Tools"


在2008-02-29,"Igor Sysoev" <is at rambler-co.ru> 写道:
>On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 01:38:58PM +0530, just starting wrote:
>&gt; hi,
>&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;what is the content of objs/autoconf.err?
>&gt; ----------------------------------------
>&gt; checking for C compiler
>&gt; objs/autotest.c:2:23: /usr/include/sys/types.h: Permission denied
>&gt; ----------
>&gt; #include &lt;sys/types.h&gt;
>&gt; int main() {
>&gt;     ;
>&gt;     return 0;
>&gt; }
>&gt; ----------
>&gt; gcc -o objs/autotest objs/autotest.c
>&gt; ----------
>&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; gcc-version
>&gt; gcc version 3.4.6 20060404 (Red Hat 3.4.6-9)
>&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;what is the output of rpm -qa|egrep gcc?
>&gt; compat-gcc-32-3.2.3-47.3
>&gt; gcc-java-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc4-c++-4.1.2-14.EL4
>&gt; compat-gcc-32-c++-3.2.3-47.3
>&gt; libgcc-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc4-4.1.2-14.EL4
>&gt; gcc4-gfortran-4.1.2-14.EL4
>&gt; gcc-objc-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc-gnat-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc-c++-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc-g77-3.4.6-9
>&gt; gcc4-java-4.1.2-14.EL4
>&gt; Ok, what I think is happening is I have to do sudo ./configure.
>&gt; Developers can help in pointing out the error file generated after build.
>You have a broken developmnet environment: header files should be available
>to read for everyone. You should not run ./configure and make under root.
>Igor Sysoev
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