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Michael nginx at
Wed Jul 2 06:25:53 MSD 2008

On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 18:39:56, mike said...

> if you've got a way to tack this on to bugzilla i'm all for it.
> otherwise, i don't want to touch bugzilla's core code at all.
Ugh, that's plain old CGI?  Remind me to stay away.

Oh yeah, I use Trac, it supports FastCGI :)

But still, I bet with some poking around, it wouldn't be too hard to write a
wrapper to handle the FastCGI -> CGI translation, if you know a bit of perl.

> i had issues with spawn-fcgi with PHP fastcgi engines... and i don't
> need these scripts to "persist" i just need something to execute cgi
> scripts from nginx... there will be requests to tons of separate .cgi
> files so that layer would have be its own layer then sending the
> request to the .cgi files themselves (which i believe what the wiki
> simplecgi example does)

No, you need *something* that's FastCGI to persist, and *that* to execute your
other code (by some method).  spawn-fcgi is for running *FastCGI* stuff, not
CGI programs, so it's useless here without some FastCGI to CGI wrapper thing.
Which I think is what that Wiki page was getting at.  (Note: I don't use
spawn-fcgi either)

I'm with Igor here, let CGI die, and good riddance.  Maybe submit a bug to
Bugzilla asking for FastCGI support?

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