use methods like PROPFIND

Remo Laubacher remo.laubacher at
Wed Jul 2 13:02:03 MSD 2008


I'm using nginx 0.5.29 and I'm quite happy with it. However I found a
problem, I couldn't solve yet..

I'm trying to use the PHP pear package "Webdav_Server" to build a custom
webdav server. Php gets called by fast-cgi.

Problem is, that nginx sends 405 back as soon as a webdav client sends a
"PROPFIND" request. I've attached a log file generated by a webdav client
called DataFreeway.

Is there a way to allow methods like PROPFIND?

Thanks a lot!

<Create listing>
[CMDLINE]  -pr -gui 331212  -v -fast -id 89516515 -batch -pw ****** -ls -l
"" -host "" -rdir "/webdav/"
/*Client 89516515 attached*/
[OUT_360] Not connected
[OUT_360] DNS lookup
[OUT_360] DNS lookup done
[OUT_360] Connected
[OUT_360] Remote IP:
[OUT_360] Waiting header
[OUT_360] >>>>>> Send headers (PROPFIND) [OUT_360] PROPFIND /webdav/
HTTP/1.1 [OUT_360] Accept: */* [OUT_360] User-Agent: DataFreeway/1.37.i386
DAV/2 (compatible; Mozilla 4.0) [OUT_360] Host: [OUT_360] Authorization: Basic LWhvc3Q6YQ== [OUT_360]
Content-Type: text/xml; charset="utf-8"
[OUT_360] Content-Length: 99
[OUT_360] Depth: 1
[OUT_360] <<<<<< Received headers
[OUT_360] HTTP/1.1 405 Not Allowed
[OUT_360] Server: nginx/0.5.29
[OUT_360] Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 08:21:10 GMT [OUT_360] Content-Type:
text/html [OUT_360] Content-Length: 173 [OUT_360] Connection: keep-alive
[OUT_360] Waiting body [OUT_360] Body received [ERR_360] !Not Allowed

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