keepalive and workers

Michał Jaszczyk jasiu85 at
Mon Jul 7 14:30:05 MSD 2008


I'm creating a website with Nginx and have some questions. When a user
comes with a request, my application server has to connect to many
other servers in order to create the response. Due to separation of
concerns pattern, application server and all other servers are
separate HTTP servers, each built with Nginx. Okay, so this is the
situation I'm in (hopefully my description was clear :) ), and now
come the questions:

- Will I have any performance gain if I keep connections from app
server to other servers instead of opening/closing them with every
request from a user?

- Can I set keepalive in Nginx to last forever?

- If a connection is kept alive, is it handled by the same Nginx
worker when new requests come in?



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