keepalive and workers

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Mon Jul 7 16:41:15 MSD 2008

Michał Jaszczyk ha scritto:
> [...]
> Another issue is that my backend servers (i.e. the ones that my app
> server connects to) will be Nginx servers with mod_wsgi. 

I would really like to know *how* many people are using mod_wsgi :).

> Therefore I'm
> losing lots of asynchronousness, so I'd like to avoid a situation
> where all my app servers connect to the same worker in the backend
> server, because that would create a bottleneck.

Not sure to unserstand, but that's not a problem, since each worker 
handle multiple connections to backend.

The only problem is to find the right number of worker processes to use 
for the Nginx instance with mod_wsgi, or how many Nginx instances to use.

However if you are going to use more then one Nginx instance with 
mod_wsgi on the same server, then I think its better to try Apache mod_wsgi.

Using more instances complicates the handling of logs and the server 
management, so you should do this only if really necessary, IMHO.

> Thanks for all the input,
> Mike

Manlio Perillo

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