Forwarding Requests to Multiple Upstream Servers?

Tit Petric black at
Wed Jul 9 13:08:58 MSD 2008

Does nginx support forwarding specific request types (POST request only 
for example), to a specific backend?

Handling file propagation from one "master" backend to the other nodes 
would be easier than to have it come to a random backend.

For the original poster, I would recommend using a NFS server to share 
files between the various backends. Keep in mind that NFS would be 
slower than a local file system, so I would advise keeping a 
file&directory index in the database, to avoid some basic problems. As 
far as reading and writing files goes, I've had very little problems 
over the years with a setup that uses NFS extensively.

Best regards,

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 09:15:25AM +0200, Sven C. Koehler wrote:
>> I am wondering whether it's possible from within an nginx module to
>> forward a request to multiple upstream servers....  AFAIU nginx's
>> existing infrastructure does normally only support sending requests to
>> one upstream server.  In my example I'd like to update data that resides
>> on multiple servers if it's a POST request and want to send back only the
>> response of the first upstream server.
> No, nginx does not support it.

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