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Thu Jul 10 18:17:17 MSD 2008

Athan Dimoy ha scritto:
> "Igor Sysoev" <is at> wrote in message 
> news:20080710085904.GE15694 at
>> What I see in log is that some/one(thing) has sent -TERM to master:
>> 2008/07/09 19:23:21 [notice] 54095#0: signal 15 (SIGTERM) received, 
>> exiting
> Yes I noticed that, however I cannot think right now, what could send 
> TERM to nginx. Anyway I'll try once more tracking this strange problem.
> Thanks Igor.
> Athan

You can use the attached patch.
It adds support for POSIX extended signal handlers, so that it is now 
possible to know the signal sending process ID (and the real user ID, 
but I don't show this info in the log).

Note that the patch is not well tested, and I'm not sure it will compile 
without problems on all systems supported by Nginx (the system must be 
XSI compliant, too), so don't use in production.

I have tested in on Debian Lenny.

Manlio Perillo
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