nginx with apache.when using https,better using ssl in nginx or apache?

Almir Karic almir at
Sun Jul 20 21:23:50 MSD 2008

On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 07:19:15PM +0800, baalchina wrote:
> Hi,everyone.
> I have an nginx 0.6.31 server running an web forum using php+mysql
> system. In nginx, I pass php requests to apache2, while apache listen
> in It works well.
> Now I wanna to setting https in my server. I already bought a cer
> file, working fine in my apache 2 server.
> So, my question is, should I using nginx as https server listen 443,
> or just using apache 2 to listen 443 and processing https request?
> Considering cert file compatibility   and server performance?
> I just want my users using https when they are logging into my site,
> so it will not have large traffic.

in a similar situation (nginx infront of apache and fairly little https traffic) i have apache listening directly on the external ip on 443. on heavily loaded sites one would probably benefit from putting nginx infont of apache and talking http to apache (it would decrease the lifetime of apache threads/processes).

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