Custom response codes and content-types for memcache module

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Tue Jul 22 15:03:36 MSD 2008

Maxim Dounin wrote:
> I don't think it's good idea to introduce brand-new format just
> for this.  Why not use plain http headers as proxy module does (or
> http headers with CGI/1.1 directives as fastcgi does)?  This
> particular reply can be simplified to:
> [cut here]
> Status: 404 Not Found
> <HTML><BODY>...
> [cut here]

I agree with you absolutely. This first version was mainly a hack to 
allow an already-over-deadline site to go live. I have been thinking 
about either storing the headers in a seperate memcache key or 
prepending it like you mentioned by you above, but wanted the patch to 
be as simple as possible for now.
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