Feature Request: Stored POST body elements, filename forwarded

Igor Clark igor at pokelondon.com
Tue Jul 22 21:06:46 MSD 2008

Hi - you might like to have a look at http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.nginx.english/6171


On 18 Jul 2008, at 02:54, Brian Moran wrote:

> Is anyone working on (or would anyone ELSE find a use for) a module  
> which will take multipart/form-data streams and cache them in a  
> location in the file system separate from the usual NGINX upstream  
> cache location; in the upstream post, the files are referenced to  
> the stored location, instead of included in the stream?
> On servers where NGINX and the server are both running together, it  
> should be possible to process uploads of files more efficiently.
> Thoughts/Comments?
> Thanks,
> Brian Moran
> bmoran at onehub.com

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