Custom response codes and content-types for memcache module

Spil Games lists at
Wed Jul 23 13:11:57 MSD 2008

Igor, I am asking about the short-term plans because I want to avoid 
multiple people working on the same thing. I guess we would like to 
start working on an improved version of this patch within now and a few 
weeks. That would be a waste of time if you have plans to work on this 
as well soon.

An alternative would be for you to dump your ideas towards us and let us 
work on the patch, after which we give the patch back to you to 
integrate into Nginx. We'd need some do's and don'ts from you to make 
sure we deliver a nice and clean patch.

Please let me know what your plans are. I will not release the current 
version of this patch if we can work on an improved version during the 
coming weeks.
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