Basic HTTP Authentication & PHP-FastCGI

Igor Clark igor at
Wed Jul 23 14:40:26 MSD 2008


On 23 Jul 2008, at 11:19, mike wrote:

> For PHP to get it from the webserver like it can with Apache then yes,
> nginx needs to be able to pass the information that was successful
> from the auth_basic/auth module(s) to a variable that can be grabbed
> from within PHP (I'd expect $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTH_USER'] or something
> like that) - not sure if the password can be given (or is needed) or
> depends if it's plaintext vs. digest, etc...

Not sure if it does, but if so, doesn't this ("information that was  
successful from the auth_basic/auth module") mean that auth is being  
done twice, once by nginx + htpasswd file, and then by PHP + its own  
auth scheme?
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