true load balancer

mike mike503 at
Thu Jul 24 13:06:26 MSD 2008

On 7/24/08, Tit Petric <black at> wrote:

> Would you preffer to have GET requests for this? I guess we can set a
> location in the config (like /server-status, so each user can choose their
> own location for interfacing the load balancer)? I see some benefit in this,
> but mostly for statistics&status, I still think that load reporting from
> backend servers and taking a machine offline & online, needs to be a special
> HTTP command type.

for "security by obscurity" i would make the configuration url prefix
something configurable, as also the security methods (user/password,
or even just piggyback it on auth_basic for all i care), or use IP
addresses... i guess Igor ultimately could make the call since he's
designed nginx so well, i consider his opinion to be well-thought out

as far as GET vs PURGE etc... i always like sticking to standard HTTP
verbs (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE, etc) - i don't care as long as i can
call it from shell/perl/php/etc. scripts using normal HTTP method
calls or even just port 80 direct plaintext connection

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