File uploads and client_body_temp_temp problems

Michael Nachbaur mike at
Tue Jul 29 21:00:41 MSD 2008

Hi, I'm running nginx as a reverse proxy for an Apache/mod_perl  
application, and have a fancy-upload progress bar that measures the  
amount of content uploaded.  If the script doesn't see any progress  
after several seconds, the client-side JavaScript assumes the upload  
has failed for some reason and restarts the upload.

However, now that I have nginx running in front of Apache, it seems to  
be buffering the uploaded content and isn't sending any of it to  
Apache until the upload finishes (or at least until the upload  
progresses long enough for the client-side to give up and retry).  Is  
there any way I can tell nginx to stop buffering and simply send all  
the content to Apache as it recieves it?  I only am using nginx for  
SSL and serving static files, so I don't want it to do anything  
special to my dynamic URIs.

Can anyone help me out with this, or tell me if there's a way my  
Apache application can detect the upload in-progress within nginx?  As  
long as I can watch the upload progress I can be happy, but my  
application needs to be made aware of the upload.

Thank you

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