gzip_static & fascgi

Mikel Arteta lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jul 30 01:48:22 MSD 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> After two years my son will start to learn French in a scholl,
> so I have to learn it too :)
The french in general are ill with languages :)

>However, I'm going to add caching capabilities to fastcgi and gzip.

Bryon Roche wrote:
> Sorry, no docs, but you may be interested in the OpenHack memcached_gzip
> module (see http://fortress-managed.net/git/nginx-patched for my mirror,
> or http://openhack.ru/nginx-patched for the original site)
This module zips up dynamically generated in memory ? , Or should it 
create gzip and place them in memcached ?

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