nginx and self-healing S3 static hosting

Jonathan Vanasco nginx at
Wed Jul 30 06:19:41 MSD 2008

A good solution may be to use something like panther express...

It works like this:

	- you save to s3 and configure cnames for it
	- you configure cnames for panther , which point to s3
	- your website points to panther's cnames, not s3s

panther handles your requests by pulling stuff from s3 when needed ,  
and migrating stuff around their global CDN network as needed

	- a real CDN
	- you only pay for xfer (not storage)
	- the xfer , last i checked, was quite a bit cheaper than s3
	- for most files, you'll pay from s3->panther 1x, and then panther- 
 >consumer 10x

	- for some fies, you may have a 1:1 ration on s3->panther : panther- 

its not an open source solution - its a product, but its really solid  
and gives you the power of a real CDN on top of Amazon.

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