[PATCH] Add http_403 option to proxy_next_upstream

Patrick Coleman blinken at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 10:20:04 MSD 2009


Hopefully this is the appropriate place to submit this patch - if not
let me know.

This is a patch to add a 'http_403' option to the proxy_next_upstream
directive. This allows additional upstream servers to be tried (if
desired) when the upstream server returns a 403 response code. In my
case, this was required to work around some broken behaviour in MacOS
X, where the shipped Apache server would return 403 error rather than
a 404 when a user directory did not exist.

Patches are attached against nginx 0.6.32 (the version shipped with
Debian Lenny) and 0.8.7 (latest development). Note that I have not
tested the 0.8.7 patch, as it's not what we run in production, but it
does compile without warnings.

Any feedback appreciated.



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