how nginx handle connection with backend web server?

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Tue Aug 11 02:22:31 MSD 2009

Xuepeng Li Wrote:
> my quest is:
> if every request needs to get dynamic conetent(not
> static file, image, css
> ...),  nginx has to proxy the request to backend
> apache server. in this
> circumstance, if all apache server process have
> been occupied, then
> following requests have to wait until a apache
> server is released.  right ?
> if we have 200 apache process  and all backend
> apache server are occupied,
> the other 29800 requests have to wait untile a
> apache process is freed or
> socket connection timeout?
> "The main nginx advantage is that it gets quickly
> whole response from
> backend
> and frees it to handle other requests."
> Sorry,  I don't understand how enginx could "get
> quickly whole response",
> the response time is decided by apache
> server(business logic),  why enginx
> could do it more quickly than direct connetion ?
> 3ks
> ---Xuepeng

I think you need maxconn feature provided by module (or path as i recall) for nginx, but personally i'd prefer other approach:
nginx -> haproxy -> apache
haproxy is the best thing to throttle request and queue them in the proper way, also you can use other grate features of HAproxy, with minimal overhead. 


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