nginx & php-fpm is fast but what about...

Ian Hobson ian at
Sun Aug 16 23:55:25 MSD 2009

AMP Admin wrote:
> First I want to say that I love nginx & php-fpm combo! My site is like 
> lightening compared to the old cpanel/whm, apache combo! Thanks to 
> everyone and their help over the past few months.
> Second, I was thinking, you can have a nice fast server side config 
> but what about you site? If you’re using a giant CMS then your site 
> can be slowed down by that and all of your awesome server tweaks are 
> wasted. That’s what started this thread…
> Nginx & php-fpm is fast but what about a lightning fast CMS to 
> complement it?
> What do you currently use?
> What is the fastest CMS?
> But what about functionality, ease of use, and visitor usability?
> I would love to hear the nginx experts opinions on this. Thanks!

As I understand it, Nginx is fast in two ways: it uses memory 
efficiently, thus getting more bang from small memory servers and VPSs, 
and it serves static content with low CPU and low memory overhead. (If 
there are other reasons I will be delighted to be informed).

So the way to use a CMS for a fast site is to generate the content once 
and serve static content (or as near static as possible).

Take a look at Webby - Simple, flexible, 
and off-line.

I generate directly to a local webserver for testing, and then use rsync 
to release when I am happy.

In the few situations I have needed dynamic content I generated an SSI 
call. Generating php would not be difficult, although I have never had 
to do it.



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