411 Length Required error

Evert | FM evertpot at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 04:46:00 MSD 2009

Hey guys,

I'm the author of SabreDAV (http://code.google.com/p/sabredav/) and
today I got a bug report regarding Nginx.

Finder will do a PUT request in some cases, without a Content-Length
header. It does send the data 'Chunked'.
As far as I can tell this is a legal request for HTTP/1.1.

I've noticed this question has been asked a few times on this list,
but I could not find satisfying answer or bug tracker. Is there a bug
tracker of some sort for Nginx?

Are you guys aware of this issue?

There was another issue (less important), but I wanted to throw it out
there. When a request (such as MOVE) generates an empty response-body,
and there is no Content-Length, nginx will effectively hang until the
HTTP keepalive timeout is reached. This was easily fixed by adding
Content-Length: 0, but I wanted to mention it because Apache adds this
automatically, so it might help for better compatibility. Note that
this is all PHP.

The last one, but this might have been fixed. I tested Nginx a while
back, and it didn't seem to have support for the Expect: 100-continue
header. I'm just curious if this has been fixed since then. I've
noticed certain .NET HTTP clients use this header.


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