FastCGI problem

Toni Mueller support-nginx at
Fri Aug 21 14:20:53 MSD 2009


trying to trackback to some, but not all, articles on a MovableType
installation from another MovableType installation, I get this
consistently with one entry, but not any other that I tried so far:

    fastcgi request record is too big: 18446744073557966627

At the user's side, this results in a 500 error. I have no clue where
to look, or what might cause this error, though, as trackbacks to other
entries work quite nicely.

Looking into the source of nginx suggests that maybe the 64k buffer for
the FastCGI request may be too small? But then, I don't know if this
limit is mandated by the specs.

This is with nginx 0.7.61 on OpenBSD/amd64, pagesize = 4k. Setting

  fastcgi_buffers     8 8k;

had no effect that I could see so far.


Kind regards,

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