nginx.conf now lost access connection

John Johnny lists at
Sat Aug 22 02:53:40 MSD 2009

Hi. I am new to nginx. I use it for testing only - maybe a small live
production later.

Here are the config.

Ubuntu 8.04
Nginx 0.5.33

Basically everything worked out very fine and smooth until I decided to
modify my nginx.conf because I want to run Drupal.

As you all know, Nginx doesn't come with mod_rewrite rules by default
unless you modify it. I am totally new to Nginx and I found so many
threads so I started to change the configuration.

The attachment is the final result what I did to nginx.conf

This is the reference I followed - I took pieces from each comment...

As you see from my config, I have already enabled port 80 from my router
setting. I have already enabled every needed port.
I am only doing this locally - so I didn't domain. Just local IP

At the moment, I just want to re-connect my server connection back. I

#     Unable to connect
#     Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

This is what I received from the browser (the desktop connected to the
same router as the server connected to the same router as well).

Please guide me through the troubleshoot. Thank you. I am indeed need
this up back again as soon as possible...


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