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Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at
Wed Aug 26 17:55:14 MSD 2009

> I should have mentioned that I'm on ubuntu and therefore nginx 0.5.33  !  No
> try-files.
> So I must either compile nginx on (unfamilar) ubuntu, or work round the
> missing try-files.

And i thought Debian Sid was slow keeping up to date with nginx
(latest is 0.7.61 [1]).

The source comes with a configure script, it's (almost) as simple as
running it. Search the nginx wiki for the modules you want to
add/remove and pertinent configuration/installation and you should do
fine. If you run into trouble the Ubuntu forums are a vast source of

If it's in the Ubuntu repos, i recommend using "checkinstall" ([2]?)
instead of "make install", that way you'll end up with a .deb to
install, which makes things much more clean.

Nuno Magalhães


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