rewrite help needed.

Ian Hobson ian at
Thu Aug 27 01:42:22 MSD 2009

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Ian Hobson">
>> I installed your repository and public key, and the apt-get update gave  
>> an error...
> Looks like you're trying to give apt my personal key rather than that of the
> PPA. The ID of the PPA is mentioned in the error (and is different from the
> one in your apt-key command).
> That said, you don't *need* to do any of this. It just makes apt-get update
> quieter (and might avoid a MITM attack, however unlikely).
> - Jeff
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the explanation. Perhaps the instructions could be clearer.

I clicked on the "read about installing" link to open the box and found

"*Step 1:* On the PPA's overview page you'll see the PPA's OpenPGP key 
id. It'll look something like this: /1024/12345678/. Copy it, or make a 
note of, the portion after the slash, e.g: /12345678/." 

so I clicked the "overview" link in that page, and used the key I found 

I suspect I should have used the "Build dependencies signing key" on the 
original page.



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