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Fri Aug 28 20:24:24 MSD 2009

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 09:10:44AM -0700, Michael Shadle wrote:

> More cool features! Thanks Igor :) A couple questions below
> 2009/8/28 Igor Sysoev <is at>:
> > Changes with nginx 0.8.11                                        28 Aug 2009
> >
> >    *) Change: directive "gzip_disable msie6" enables gzipping for
> >       MSIE 6.0 SV1.
> Do you mean "disables" ?

No, now "gzip_disable msie6" disables MSIE4/5 and 6 before SV1.
Early it disables any MSIE4/5/6.

> >    *) Feature: file AIO support on FreeBSD and Linux.
> I assume AIO is better than sendfile, so in any case it would be best to use it?

It depends. On Linux AIO can be used with DIRECTIO only, which disables
caching on VM. On FreeBSD I plan to add support for sendfile()s SF_NODISKIO
flag. This allows to use sendfile() and AIO preload for sendfile().

> >    *) Feature: the "directio_alignment" directive.
> How should this directive should be tuned?

By default directio_alignment is 512, however, on XFS you may need to
set "directio_alignment 4k" or even more depending on FS block size.

Igor Sysoev

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