502 bad gateway, something about the header?

Michael Shadle mike503 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 22:10:43 MSD 2009

Does anyone see a problem here?  The fastcgi parser returns back a -2,
instead of 0 on a normal request. I don't see anything wrong with this
header - the only thing that sticks out is the "//" - but still - I
think this is a bug in nginx. Why does it say upstream split a header
line? There are no \n \0 \r etc...

Any help is appreciated - Igor, I sent you a larger chunk of the log
privately unedited (I edited the hostnames to protect the innocent on


2009/08/28 12:17:01 [debug] 20714#0: *7231991 http fastcgi header:
"Set-Cookie: IBBUSER=pT061zDsSOKTipBqqbbOAJG0RMGGkyUimUAbWHVjZPm4QKksTL16sTHCINiUH22GJoE6hnF3GDiBVFEf3nLovNeXec//EkQa7IclJOOCh2wdQ+PhexQNCg5PKFmU72VQriEyYIDUOQXgfwpWTfvzEeHJnNIGiAVRzNbKBSoQIyKjbgVIfhLV+LAFR3mltZBRS+qYH5AIpdSLtNtGtHVu0Fl9/OfvEBRz2zwsFUhVYW2zPIAG/OX/YVc+NV+M1va1pcWcuwkMgHK4FrYdbXjANymt9BsVo7y0+F3kxqcXmiKJioCSiCd+1fQJnLG0lUClD9qLGSDp9KBz4uzzpsmUYmEXvv2JDOTS+WEBL2+f+j/6wlRHFKYxOls9fZgAR2Lhotro+Rbfhu1iaPkubGKEIHI0FU+366pDWs1IKcy7rtJsHQovG+4Z1bDvx6CYC2yOTJ7VvBIRpFw3z2/v1tNcK9DwI/3lUQ4gdXtAXYtMmo42sO7doi18bKkeIGH8z1DtTrruBbZX4OLhSPts0non1d4yGHrY644PbZXbehW4HKpygqbX6sJobZf4eHzKh1nFkuHZUfZUFroE5yT17Bd/4g==;
domain=.foo.com; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 19:17:01 GMT; path=/"
2009/08/28 12:17:01 [debug] 20714#0: *7231991 http fastcgi parser: -2
2009/08/28 12:17:01 [debug] 20714#0: *7231991 upstream split a header
line in FastCGI records
2009/08/28 12:17:01 [error] 20714#0: *7231991 upstream sent too big
header while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: ssl.foo.com, request: "POST
/en-us/login/?TARGET=http%3A%2F%2Ffoo.com%2Fpage%2F HTTP/1.1",
upstream: "fastcgi://", host: "ssl.foo.com", referrer:

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