memcached problems...

Igor Sysoev is at
Mon Aug 31 23:49:04 MSD 2009

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 08:05:07PM +0200, Juergen Gotteswinter wrote:

> Hallo folks again,
> i try to configure nginx to deliver swf files etc, and wanted to cache 
> them within memcached. but until now i didnt have much success with that.
> what i already did:
> include/excluded parts of the config (flv part, swf part & php part) and 
> tested them one by one. no change... but if i try to open a sfv file via 
> browser i see that nginx communicates with memcached and this error 
> messages appears in the nginx error log (without the memcached part in 
> the config i get the file as download, like expected)
> 2009/08/31 18:34:40 [info] 23808#0: *1 key: 
> "/files/_somewhere/xxx/xxxx.flv" was not found by memcached while 
> reading response header from upstream, client: 62.
> 116.129.3, server: media, request: "GET /files/_somewhere/xxx/xxxx.flv 
> HTTP/1.1", upstream: "memcached://", host: "
> 1"
> it seems that nginx looks in memcached for the file, but it has not yet 
> read from the disk so nginx cant find it inside memcached and throws me 
> a 404

Put your swf files on filesystem and forget about memcached: in modern OS
disk == memory, if content volume is comparable to physical memory (and
it'seems to be comparable if you want to put files in memcached).

Igor Sysoev

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