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Sun Dec 6 03:30:27 MSK 2009

mike Wrote:
> Actually, SoftLayer is quite security-focused. I
> am a customer and
> have been quite happy with them.
> They are doing the standard "fix your servers or
> we'll cut you off" -
> they're not saying security is a "tool" - they're
> telling him that he
> needs to hire someone they trust to fix his
> servers up as he does not
> seem to be equipped to, or they will shut him off.
> It's not worth the
> overhead they have to take on to have people who
> don't know how to
> manage their own servers.

Yes It happened as you said. They ask me to hire that they trust.

And then third party company make a report about my server : it is clean.

And in their report ; they hardenned and optimized  my apache and mysql server???
In that server no apache and no my sql server.
I had already used tools like rootkit tools, csf firewall etc.
They re-install this tools and attach these tools' result to their report. ( I have used last version but they didn't)

I had already done and make these steps.

I have used Softlayer for years and I am also happy with them.

The problem is giving  trust/certificate to company that behave or take action like me!
This show SL's understanding of Security.

But it is not the topic...

As you see that I am still working with softlayer.But not with SMC.

> FYI: I run 0.8.x. I run the latest possible
> version Igor puts out
> whenever I have time to update.

> As someone once told me, "Igor's betas are more
> stable than most
> people's stable versions" and I would have to
> agree.

Thanks for your comment. Up to now, I have used last beta versions. I heard something like that sentence before .
But this time I decide to use stable version. Maybe later I will upgrade..

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Jim Ohlstein Wrote:
> I would agree. Softlayer is an excellent host
> which I have used on and 
> off over the years for different needs. I think
> this is their reaction 
> to a customer for whom they cannot provide hand
> holding services.

Yes, You are right. SL is excellent host. Because of this I am still custommer of SL.
But when I ask to them about my attack. They just replied me that it is not their job please hire third party management company.

As I said above it is not the topic

Thank you all

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