Marcus Clyne maccaday at
Sat Dec 19 17:09:20 MSK 2009


As inspired by the previous comments about setting hash values to 
variables, here's a small module that does just that.

Currently you can generate the MD5, SHA1 and Murmurhash2 values (in 
uppercase hexadecimal) of a string, which can include variables.

There are three directives, which can be used anywhere in the http 

usage :

location   /hash {
    set_md5      $md5_val      $hash_string;
    set_sha1     $sha1_val     "some long string with a variable $var";
    set_mm2      $murmurhash2_val   "a static string hash";

download :

to do :

- documentation online (soon)
- other hashes (let me know if you have any specific ones you want added)
- url escaping

feedback :

If you have any comments (good/bad), or would like some specific 
features, let me know.

Hope it's of use to some people.



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