nginx to load balance application servers

zimbirti zimbirti zimbirty at
Tue Feb 3 15:04:00 MSK 2009

I have a blog system with seperate subdomain and domains and want to use
nginx to load balance application servers.

I want to give total number of servers available for example 5 and want to
redirect all requests to the same server everytime.

For example will go to server 1 => server 2 => server 2 => server 1

and so on.

I am thinking doing this by converting domain name "" to number
with crc32 and modulo that number to number of servers (5)  and remaining
number wiill deceide which server to send this requests.

I wander how to do this. is it through perl or can it be done with config
file alone. and how to to it in any way?
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